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Model Home Cleaning Services

Maid of honor provides excellent cleaning services for your Model & Spec Homes.


A letter from our CEO:

Dear Homebuilder,

I’m here to vouch personally for my cleaning company servicing the model home industry. I have a unique understanding of this industry because of my involvement since the early 90’s. I’ve worked intimately with executives from most major Texas homebuilders in the last decades, whose references I can provide upon request.

Our cleaning program carries with it the extensive knowledge that only experience can provide. We improve the image of every model with attention to every detail. We understand every facet of the model home is set in place for a reason. The smallest thing, such as putting things back where they belong, or a smudge on a window or company sign, are all part of your company image. Our experience has made us more than just a cleaning service. Maid of Honor Inc. is an asset to your bottom line, both in our competitive pricing and showroom quality cleaning.

Please be sure to ask about our construction and spec home cleaning services. Alongside our model home and sales office cleaning we’ve been performing these cleans for over two decades.

I’ve created checklists that increase the efficiency and productivity on both ends. In an effort to make business life easier and profitable, our inventory home checklist keeps your homes in top, move-in shape. I appreciate your interest in our company Maid of Honor, Inc. Please feel free to look over what we offer.

Personally and Sincerely,

John P. Hartley
CEO Maid of Honor, Inc.

We offer 22 years of specializing in Model & Spec Homes.

Our services start with reliable experienced cleaners, quality control inspections, and modern management. But it doesn’t end there! Our turn key model home cleaning is both affordable and effective. The following is an overview of our model home cleaning for homebuilders.

Learn how our turn-key solution works —

Single Point of Contact Established
Helps establish consistent expectations between our team and yours.

Universal Scope of Work Set by Corporate Standard
Your standard is our standard. We’ll work with you to set the bar.

Centralized Scheduling
Makes it easy for your team to schedule changes to accommodate Realtor functions, VIP events & open houses.

Superior Inventory/Spec Home Program
Includes air freshening, power washing & window cleaning as desired.

We Include —

General Cleaning
A bright sparkling environment helps keep homes appealing. Mirrors, chrome, and appliances spot free; professionally cleaned stainless steel; furnishings dusted; sweep and mop floors; thoroughly vacuum carpets; sweep entryways and porches; and remove trash. Scuffmarks and interior windows cleaned.

Air Fresheners
For a great impression, an inviting aroma greets customers as they walk through your door. Plug-ins installed and refills replaced monthly or as needed.

Regularly scheduled window cleans (inside & out)!

Do not forget the necessities! Hand soap, hand towels, toilet paper, trash liners provided.

Maintenance Monitoring
Consumers will see all aspects of your home at their very best. Trash removed from exterior walkways and landscaping, light bulbs changed, maintenance problems reported immediately.

Power Washing
Improve curb appeal to make a great first impression. We include exterior power washing of driveways, curbs, patios, and outdoor living areas.

Weekly Inspections
100% Satisfaction!  Our work is guaranteed!

Extra Requests
Interior and exterior window cleaning to include two story model homes, carpet shampoo for traffic areas only or entire home; emergency cleans.

We’ve designed our Inventory Home Checklists to keep you updated while we’re in the field.  All feedback is reported to the person designated by you to receive all the notes we take.

Our inventory home cleaning program is more than cleaning. We audit condition of the home according to your spec. We can hand-design the requests for your needs. For more information on our cleaning checklists, please contact us.





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